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Welcome to the home of the FrmHell Alliance, based in the Billows server of Jade Dynasty. First off, we’re an ever growing alliance that's always having fun and a good time.

More news to come as time passes.



A few general rules

Respect the Marshal, the Warlord, the Captains, and the Sarges—they are the leaders of the clans and alliance itself.  Any decision made by these people is final.


NO discrimination is allowed here, regardless of race, sex, religion, height, weight, or sexual orientation.  It is none of your business and we will not tolerate anyone being bashed or talked down to.


Have fun and enjoy the game while respecting each other; we're all here for fun.


Please note if you are inactive for over one week, without giving notice to the Marshal or your Captain or Sarge, you may be banned.


Part of being an alliance is to help one another.  Therefore, it is requested that a helping hand be extended by everyone that has the ability to help those who ask.  Of course, assistance should not be considered obligatory nor should anyone make another feel it is.  If you can help, do so.  If you cannot, that's fine, too.

Also, asking for a couple of gold here and there is not an issue, but asking for large sums of money is not.  Begging for anything--gold, power leveling, "help" killing something that is around your level, whatever--is frowned upon.  If you engage in such activity know that you will not be doing it for long.

Signing up for the alliance website is mandatory.  News, notes, and other important information will be placed here so that everyone is abreast of any changes in the alliance along with upcoming wars and events.

Checking the site at least once a week is required, though checking it more often is recommended.



We will be known as an honorable and fair alliance; any cheating in any war will not be tolerated.

Rules for Wars

1. If you notice someone we are warring with is cheating in any way, let the Marshal and/or the Warlord know. They will take care of it in best method available at the time.                  


2. DO NOT hug or “babysit” the safe zone (i.e. waiting for people to leave the safe zone to kill them instantly.)  Allow the enemy the respect to at least get into the battlefield.  Babysitting of hugging can also cost us if the enemy sits at the edge of the safe zone, as they will do damage but not receive it.                     


3. Respect the rules set prior to war pertaining to tiers, pots, and pets.  If you are a higher tier then was agreed upon, do not enter the battlefield.  Do NOT engage the enemy, and remain in safe zone, unless you have the Marshal’s or Warlord’s permission to do so.


Any who breaks these rules will be dealt with accordingly.

Otherwise, fight your best while still having fun everyone!!!



Vent Rules

First, thanks go to Brat and Creep for setting it up for the alliance.


Again, respect is mandatory in the vent.

Jokes are only jokes if everyone is laughing otherwise, have a blast.  Though it’s hard to do at times, try your best to not interrupt one another.



Your Marshal DmnCreep.


Also we are always open to your suggestions so if you have any don’t hesitate to present them.


Rules are subject to change.

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